Mouhalabiye with Apricot

Tuesday 02nd July 2019

 Mouhalabiye with Apricot


500g Water

100g Milk Powder

75g Sugar

40g Corn Flour

5g Rose Water

5g Orange Blossom

Method of preparation

Put water, milk powder in a pan on heat

At 50*c put some of the mix over the corn flour

When the milk boils put the corn flour over it and re-boils

Add the rose water and orange blossomPut the mixture in cups and reserve to cool  


Apricot Jam


167g Apricot puree

167g Sugar

74 g Gelatin


Method of preparation

Soak the gelatin in cold water

Boil the apricot puree with sugar

Add the gelatin

Reserve it to cool

Put it over the mouhalabiye and decore it.


By Chef Rami Boutros


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