Salad Goat Labneh with Apricot

Friday 25th May 2018

Salad Goat Labneh with Apricot


Serving: 2 


Time of preparation: 10 min



1 bundle of Wild thyme


1/2 bundle of Arugula


1/8 bundle of Mint


1/8 bundle of Purslane


Drizzle of Olive oil


4 pieces of fresh Apricot


20 g of pine seeds 


10 g of Poppy seeds


2 spoons of Sumac


200 g of chickpeas, boiled


50 g of Cherry tomatoes,  cut in half


7 pieces of Labneh goat cheese 


Drizzle of White vinegar


1/8 Onion 


1/2 Lemon juice


Pinch of Salt


Pinch of White pepper


Method of Preparation


In a bowl put the thyme, Rocca, mint, purslane, chickpeas, tomatoes, pine seeds and onions.


Open the apricots and cut them in half, add them to the salad.


Roll the labneh in sumac and  poppy seeds.


Add the lemon juice, a drizzle of vinegar, drizzle of olive oil , a pinch of salt and white pepper.


Mix the ingredients.


 By Chef Joe Barza  

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